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Sommelier Marlise Ponzo has once again suggested superb wine pairings for Coach House Shortbread :


For Marlises' 2011 pairings, see the link at the bottom of the page

Stilton & Rosreislinglabelemary:

Paired with Tangy New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
2011 Astrolabe Province Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand, LCBO #10421, $21.95
This gorgeous example of tangy New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, showing typical pungent aromatics of gooseberry, fresh cut grass, tomato stalk and luscious passion fruit, has all the green-herbaceous character needed to compliment these savory cocktail shortbread with their unmistakable rosemary core. The zesty high acid finish of the wine cleanses the palate between bites of rich Stilton. Ripe, round, tropical fruit flavours add a perception of sweetness and sooth the palate after the pleasant attack of the shortbreads subtle cracked black pepper. A delicate and refreshing combination indeed.

Also enjoy Coach House Shortbread's Spicy Asiago and Garlic with this Sauvignon Blanc.



rosewinelabelWalnut & Bella Vitano:

Paired with 20 Year Old Tawny Port
Graham’s 20 Year Old Tawny Port, 500 ml Bottle, Douro, Portugal, LCBO #620641, $36.95
The combination of Graham’s 20 Year Old Tawny Port and Walnut and Bella Vitano (an artisan cheese from Wisconsin that has been soaked in New Glarus Raspberry Tart Ale) cocktail shortbread is nothing short of opulent perfection. With their hints of orange zest and caramelized onion these shortbread have the complexity necessary to stand up to this iconic fortified wine from Portugal’s Douro region. The Port’s aromas of caramelized raisin, bitter walnut skin and its brooding flavours of nuts, cocoa and Christmas fruitcake intermingle beautifully with the fruit-laced and bountiful nutty flavours of this shortbread. As the richness of the shortbread is met with the oily unctuousness of the Port your palate will dance the Fandango!

Also enjoy Coach House Shortbread's Pecan shortbread with this Port.


chiantilabel Gorgonzola & Pistachio:

Paired with Australian Shiraz
2009 Chapel Hill Shiraz, South Australia, Australia, LCBO #743989, $25.95
This Shiraz is an exceptionally inky, dense and concentrated wine. Intense aromas of dark berry preserve, vanilla bean and spiced rum cake smack you in the face bringing out all the very best attributes of Couch House’s richly layered Gorgonzola and Pistachio shortbread. With lemon and cayenne pepper awakening the taste buds (and pairing perfectly with the peppery licorice-root finish of the Shiraz) the creamy Gorgonzola and toasty pistachio are complimented beautifully by the baked sweet blueberry fruit abundant in this wine. The Shiraz compliments the biscuit’s flavours as a generous dollop of fruit compote compliments a gleaming spread of tangy blue cheese.
Also enjoy Coach House Shortbread's Dark Chocolate and Fleur de Sel Shortbread with this Shiraz

chardlabelCheddar & Chipotle:

Paired with Full-Throttle California Chardonnay
2010 Calera Thirty-Fifth Anniversary Vintage Chardonnay, California, U.S.A, LCBO #713313, $24.95
The sharp aged cheddar and smoky chipotle used in the creation of this fabulous shortbread are perfectly paired with the sweet butter and toasty caramelized oak notes of Calera’s Thirty-Fifth Anniversary Vintage Chardonnay. The wine is brimming with creamy lemon custard flavour and teeming with the aroma of toasted buttered brioche and passion fruit mousse. The wine’s acidity cuts through the creamy richness of this full flavoured shortbread and pairs perfectly with the hint of lemon zest that brightens the shortbread’s flavour. The salty, smoky savoryness of this shortbread’s chipotle edge is offset by the wine’s caressing fullness and sweet approachability. Simply pleasurable.
Also enjoy Coach House Shortbread's Lemon shortbread with this Chardonnay.

sherrylabelSpicy Asiago & Garlic:

Paired with Ontario Rosé
2011 Tawse Sketches Of Niagara Rosé, Ontario, Canada, LCBO #172643, $15.95
Crunchy caramelized roasted garlic, light chili spice and the salty-piquant buttery Asiago character of these cocktail shortbread dance with this light and lively blend of Gamay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon from Ontario’s own Niagara region. The Rosé boasts heaps of ripe berry fruit flavour. Bright and focused with alluring floral undertones this cuvee intertwines with the shortbread’s aromatics of garlic and firm aged cheese with grace and ease. Savory goodness meets sweet berry-fruit refresher…MAGIC!

Also enjoy Coach House Shortbread's Walnut and Bella Vitano with this Rosé.




moscatoEnjoy Coach House Shortbread's Orange and Cardamon or Almond and Sugared Rose shortbread with a chilled bottle of sweet bubbly Moscato.

 Petalo Il Vino Dell’Amore Moscato, Distilleria Bottega, Italy, LCBO #588780, $13.00








For Marlises' 2011 wine pairings, click here



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