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Sommelier Marlise Ponzo has out-done herself on these pairing recommendations:marlise reislinglabelStilton & Rosemary: With Off Dry White: Paired with Off Dry German Riesling
2009 St Urbans-Hof, Urban Riesling, Mosel, Germany, LCBO #184051, $14.95
The citrus-apple fruit and Mosel-slate mineral complexity, elevated acidity, balanced residual sugar and herbal adorned floral aromatics of St. Urbans-Hof’s Urban Riesling play beautifully with the depth of flavour that the rich, sharp, salty stilton and pine-resin like perfume of Rosemary attribute to The Coach House’s savory Stilton and Rosemary Cocktail Shortbread. The light sweetness of the wine intermingles harmoniously with the pleasant spice of the shortbread’s cracked black pepper. Texturally magnificent!

amaronelabelWith Full Bodied Red: Paired with Amarone Della Valpolicella
2006 Palazzo Dei Signori, Amarone Della Valpolicella, Veneto, Italy, LCBO #218446, $37.95
The notes of cherry pipe tobacco, herbs, dried red fruit and date along side licorice root cedar and fig compote speak to this Amarone’s complexity. This intriguing bouquet plays very well with the complex flavour arch and depth of the Stilton and Rosemary shortbread spiced with cracked black pepper. The heat of the pepper in the mouth is immediately soothed by the wines elevated alcohol perceived as sweetness and fullness on the palate. Quite a sensory treat.


rosewinelabelWalnut & Bella Vitano: Paired with Cremant Rose From the Loire Valley
NV De Chanceny, Cremant De Loire Rose Brut, Loire Valley, France, LCBO #211466, $17.45
The inspired combination of Walnut and Bella Vitano (an artisan cheese from Wisconsin that has been soaked in New Glarus Raspberry Tart Ale) with its hints of orange zest and caramelized onion pair perfectly with this traditional method sparkling rose. With a sweet nose of chalky mineral laced wild berry the aromatics give way to nutty biscuit and baked brioche. These aromas accentuate the rich and nutty, fruit-laced flavours of these cocktail shortbread. The richness of the shortbread is balanced perfectly with the wine’s creamy fizz, lively acidity and tart red berry fruit that refreshes the palate after every bite leaving one ever ready for more.


chiantilabel Gorgonzola & Pistachio: Paired with Vin Santo from Tuscany
2004 Tenuta Di Trecciano Vin Santo Del Chianti, Tuscany, Italy, LCBO #212100, $19.95
This marriage is pure magic. The intoxicating caramel walnut skin nose of Italy’s coveted Vin Santo sweet wine with its palate of spiced orange oil, dried apricot, barley malt and orchard flowers bring out all the very best attributes of The Coach House’s richly layered Gorgonzola and Pistachio shortbread. With lemon and cayenne pepper awakening the taste buds, the creamy gorgonzola and toasty pistachio are showcased beautifully by the nutty, earthy, citrus and dried fruit flavours inherent in this wine.

chardlabelCheddar & Chipotle: Paired with Oaked Canadian Chardonnay
2008 Le Clos Jordanne Village Reserve Chardonnay, Niagara Peninsula, Canada, LCBO #33936, $30.00
The sharp aged cheddar and smoky chipotle used in the creation of this fabulous shortbread are perfectly paired with the sweet butter and smoky caramelized oak notes of Le Clos Jordanne's Village Reserve Chardonnay. The wines crisp, citrusy acidity cuts through the unctuous richness of this full flavoured shortbread and pairs perfectly with the hint of lemon zest that brightens the shortbread’s flavour. The minerality of this Chardonnay grown in limestone rich soils brings a lightly briny aspect to the wine that plays beautifully with the salty, smoky savoryness of the cocktail shortbread.

sherrylabelSpicy Asiago & Garlic: Paired with Medium Dry Oloroso Sherry
Gonzalez Byass Nutty Solera Oloroso Sherry, Jerez, Spain, LCBO #35204, $12.95
The sponge toffee-nutty notes of this sherry pair perfectly with the crunchy caramelized roasted garlic aspect of this shortbread. The sweet yet salty perception of this Oloroso balances the light chili spice and salty piquant Asiago character of the cocktail shortbreads The bouquet of the fortified wine, strong yet elegant, mingling with the mouth watering aromatics of garlic and firm aged cheese brings me immediately back to the lively Sherry bars aligning the streets of Madrid-A very happy place indeed. Yum!

Pecan Shortbread
Paired with Medium Dry Oloroso Sherry
Gonzalez Byass Nutty Solera Oloroso Sherry, Jerez, Spain, LCBO #35204, $12.95
An abundance of butter pecan with a light glint of balancing sea salt make Coach House Shortbread Company’s Pecan shortbread a brilliant accompaniment to Medium Dry or Sweet Oloroso Sherry. The sherry’s butterscotch, nut oil, briny palate and creamy decadent mouth-filling texture bring out and amplify many of the same attributed found in the Pecan Shortbread. This pairing will take you a little by surprise with how satisfying the experience is. Best served fireside on a cold winters night.


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